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Watermelon Feta Summer Salad

This summer, we are spending our time outside and not in the kitchen. We want light, bright, and filling this summer. We don't have time to mess around! Let me introduce you this beautiful QUEEN of a salad. It has Watermelon, Feta, Arugula, Basil, Lime Juice. Combine the juicy, sweet watermelon with briny feta and a peppery arugula and you get magic! This easy summer salad is perfect for watermelon season! It's everything you want- low in calories, big in flavor and only takes 5 minutes to throw together. Under 300 calories per serving and 9 grams of protein!

Picture yourself sitting poolside, sun-kissed and living your best life. This salad has been on a semi regular rotation at my parents house simply because a) they have a pool that we basically live at all summer and b) it packs in so much flavor and takes almost zero time to make- aka more time for the pool!


Ingredient Breakdown

  • Watermelon

    • Buy it pre-chopped, or cut it up yourself!

    • Light, fresh, sweet and juicy. What else could you want from a summertime fruit?

  • Arugula

    • You don't need a whole lot for the recipe! I used one small 5 oz container's worth.

    • Arugula works best for this recipe because it has a natural peppery-ness that adds a great flavor!

  • Feta Cheese

    • Buy it in brine or pre crumbled! I used pre-crumbled

  • Basil

    • The basil gets hidden within the arugula and adds the most unexpected brightness in each bite!

    • Alternatively, you could use mint or any other fresh leafy herbs you'd like!

  • Lime Juice

    • Balances out the sweetness of the watermelon and the brinyness of the feta!

  • Olive Oil


Why this salad is Queen

When you start mixing the salad around, the juices from the watermelon start bursting onto the arugula. It basically dresses itself, like a true Queen. But give it the one-two-punch and add the subtle tartness from the lime juice and the rich olive oil and wham bam thank you ma'am. The perfectly flavored easy summer fruit salad. The arugula adds the perfect balance of a peppery deliciousness.

Watermelon is made of 92% water! Maybe, instead of reaching for that gallon sized water bottle that you swore you were going to drink every day (because- girl, same)-- reach for some watermelon to kickstart your hydration goals! Watermelon is is low in calories for it's weight- because it is made of mostly water! Watermelon also contains antioxidants, vitamin A, and vitamin C!



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