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Blistered Tomato and Goat Cheese Toast

Quit sleeping on goat cheese. It's the zippier, brighter, and tangier cousin of cream cheese and adds SO much flavor to everything it is in! It's spreadable, meltable and adds so much depth to anything it's in! One of my all time favorite flavor combos is goat cheese, tomato and basil. Don't believe me? Check out my Goat Cheese Marinara Pesto Dip- it's to die for! Eat this toast for breakfast, lunch or dinner! It's so versatile! Watch out avocado toast- you have a heavy competitor coming for you!

What's the difference between feta and goat cheese?

When I started working on this recipe I quickly realized that one of the most searched terms was "what is the difference between feta and goat cheese?" I began a deep deep dive- and boy, do I now know way more about cheese criteria than I ever thought I would in my life. This is a great article that broke down things in an interesting way if you want to read more.

The main distinction is that goat cheese is created from... goat's milk (shocking, I know), and that feta is primarily made from sheep milk. However, feta can contain goats milk (up to 30% to be exact). This quote sums up the biggest distinction between the two:

"Known for its briny and tangy flavor, feta’s profile can vary depending on the producer, region, type of milk used, and how long it has been aged. When made entirely from sheep’s milk, feta tends to be more buttery and creamy whereas the addition of goat’s milk creates a more acidic and crumbly version. Goat cheese, on the other hand, does not have quite the saltiness that feta does. Also tart, it has a creamier mouthfeel than feta, with fresh, bright lemony notes." - Ashlie Hughes for

In the USA, we tend to have a more crumbly, block like feta cheese that comes crumbled or in brine. However, did you know feta is similar to Champagne and Prosecco, where the ingredients have to be grown in a specific region in Greece to be considered legit feta cheese? Cool, huh?

tl;dr: Anyways, this recipe doesn't contain feta. It contains it's more smooth, energetic and mature cousin, goat cheese. Thanks for coming to my cheese Ted Talk.


Ingredient Breakdown

  • Grape or cherry tomatoes

  • Goat cheese

  • Fresh basil

  • Sourdough or bread of your preference

Pantry Ingredients

  • Salt

  • Garlic

  • Olive Oil

  • Butter for toast (optional)

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