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Crispy Air Fried Artichokes with a Lemon Garlic Yogurt Sauce

Dust off that airfryer because you are not going to want to miss this recipe! I am a big hoe for anything crispy crunchy but an even bigger hoe for ARTICHOKES. They are my all time favorite vegetable. If they are on the menu at a restaurant I will order them 99% of the time without hesitation. Any form of artichokes will do- artichoke dip, grilled artichoke, steamed artichoke, roasted artichoke, breaded artichoke--- but have you ever had the best ever version? The airfried artichoke?! This is the best air fryer recipe I've ever concocted. So, let's pretend like it's April of 2020- when we air fried everything to soothe our 'rona filled minds.


The DL on Artichokes

The artichoke is native to the Mediterranean region which is why it is often found in Italian, Spanish and Egyptian cooking. Modernly, California is one of the main producers of artichokes. They are often referred to as a Super Food because of their high levels of antioxidants. There are a ton of claims about the incredible health benefits of artichokes. They are thought to help lower blood sugar, aid in digestion, and improve heart and liver health!

One medium artichoke contains around 25% of your daily intake for fiber! They are also particularly high in your daily folate, magnesium, and vitamins C & K!

My husband, Daniel, spent half of his life growing up in Mexico. When his parents come to visit us from Mexico, he will usually ask them to bring him a few tubs of artichoke fiber that you mix with water and drink (quickly, because the texture of drinking chunky water is repulsive). The high fiber content in the artichoke fiber gets to work quickly to help clear out your colon. Usually drinking the artichoke fiber needs to be a planned event where we don't leave the house and are always near a bathroom... if you catch my drift.


Ingredient Breakdown

  • Jar of marinated quartered artichokes- packed in oil

    • Marinated artichokes typically come in a jar or a pouch. They are packed in oil and spices to give them a boost of flavor and richness. This is the easiest way to make this recipe. If you cannot find marinated artichoke hearts packed in oil, feel free to get jarred artichoke hearts, dry them welllllllll and toss with oil!

  • Plain greek yogurt

  • 1 clove of garlic

  • Juice from 1/2 a lemon



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