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Three Ingredient Dip to make you feel Boujee

Do you ever have a dip dinner? I do more often than I'd like to admit. My husband constantly says I could survive off of chips and salsa alone. He's not far off from the truth as all throughout college my entire diet was chips, salsa, and dino nuggets. No shame.

I HATED goat cheese most of my life. I had freshly made goat cheese on a goat farm in Norway that was nestled in between massive fjords (sounds romantic right? idk I was like 10) and the only memory I have of that incredible place was how repulsive the taste of goat cheese was. I had vowed to never come close to it again.

That was until one Blackhawks playoff night a group of friends and I went to Sheffields (if you've ever been in the Lakeview neighborhood of Chicago you know Sheffields). Someone ordered the marinara goat cheese dip and my life was transformed. It was literally only marinara sauce and goat cheese with some crusty bread. The tang of the goat cheese balanced the acidity of the marinara and BOOM- the Norwegian Fjord goat cheese memory was instantly replaced with one in the Sheffields beer garden surrounded by drunken Blackhawks fan. Monumental.


Anyway-- does anyone even read my ramblings? My one and only other blog experience was when I wrote my mom's CaringBridge when she had cancer last year (that champ has been in remission for almost a year now!). People seemed to love it 🤷‍♀️--- they didn't love my mom's cancer, they liked the blog I kept.

Anyway again, goat cheese and pesto always seem like painfully boujee ingredients to me. This simple three-ingredient dip comes together in less than 15 minutes and is sure to elevate your status in any social situation. Go wild.

I promise even if you're a goat cheese skeptic you will LOVE this dip. All of these ingredients are from Trader Joes but can easily be bought at any grocery store! It goes great with chips, crackers, or a really nice crusty bread!

It's seriously so good. I've literally almost eaten the entire dip all by myself while writing this post, see?--->


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