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Prosciutto Wrapped Hearts of Palm | Low Carb | Keto | Summer Snack

Are you thinking- what the heck are hearts of palm? Cause girl, so was I when I first had them. This perfectly balanced summer snack takes only two minutes to whip together, will keep you feeling full for a long time! It is the perfect snack if you are following a keto or low carb diet (no keto necessary to enjoy, though!). It combines the crunchiness of the hearts of palm, the salty umami of prosciutto, and the rich dipping sauce is the perfect balance of fiber, fat and protein!


What the heck are Hearts of Palm?

Did you read the title and think what are hearts of palm???? These magic little sticks are one of the best kept secrets. They are a kept secret, right? Hearts of Palm is exactly what it's named after- it is the heart of a palm tree. Think artichoke heart- you peel back the rough barky layers of a young palm tree to expose the delicious, tangy, and edible center of the palm tree. Their flavor is bommmmb. They have a slight crunch to them but taste most similar to an artichoke heart! Although they don't contain as much fiber as an artichoke heart, they still are packed with tons of great nutrients!

I got mine canned from Trader Joe's. There were 4 sticks in one can so approximately 50 calories with a moderate amount of protein and fiber! Pair this with the fatty protein in Prosciutto- you have a perfectly balanced and filling snack!


The Inspiration

This dish is largely inspired by one of our favorite restaurants in Chicago- Tango Sur. Tango Sur is an Argentinean steak house that is located in the Lakeview neighborhood. The whole experience is so charming. It is a BYOB restaurant with a wine store right next door. They don't take reservations so you can just wander through the wine store picking out what you'd like to drink for the night then head over to the restaurant. The ambiance is super dark (at night, it is lit primarily by just candlelight), romantic, and cozy. It is a Keto lover's dream. Meat, meat, meat, and more meat. Daniel and I always started our meal with this BOMB appetizer. The menu item is called "Jamon Crudo con Palmito y Salsa Golf" aka Prosciutto with Hearts of Palm and Argentinean Golf Sauce. Then the meat platter for two people which is an insane amount of the meat. If you ever find yourself on the north side of Chicago- make sure you check out Tango Sur!

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