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Lemony Potatoes and Greek Chicken Thighs

One of Daniel and my favorite restaurants to go to is Greek Islands in Greektown. We would regularly stop on our way home from work for a casual 3 pm dinner when we lived in the city- HA! We were always the youngest ones dining at 3 pm by about 40 years. We love Greek food, and this meal reminds me a lot of what we have had at Greek Islands.

The fresh, simple ingredients in Mediterranean cooking make for such a flavorful, and healthy dinner! Next, I need to learn how to light cheese on fire to do an at-home Saganaki😏


Grocery list:

2 lbs Gold Potatoes

1.5lbs skinless, boneless chicken thighs

3 Lemons

Chicken broth or stock

Pantry Items:

Oil (I use Avocado oil in this recipe)

Dried Oregano

Garlic Powder

Salt and pepper


Lemony Potatoes before going in the oven

I cannot even begin to describe these potatoes. They soak up all the flavor then crisp up to give them texture. They may seem overwhelming but honestly, they take about 5 mins of prep, are almost completely hands-off, and are PACKED with flavor! We have them on a weekly rotation but they're usually requested more like 2-3x per week. I am telling you, Daniel and I usually fight for the last few potatoes. They are SO GOOD.

Potatoes are one of the only carbs we overdose on in our house. Not only do they keep for a long time but they're relatively easy to prepare. Yes, they're filled with carbs, but unlike grains, they are also filled with a ton of nutrition. They have fiber, protein, calcium, potassium, and tons of Vitamin C.

Chicken thighs are probably my favorite protein to work with. They're so versatile and almost impossible to overcook. They are rich and have a ton of flavor on their own-- ensuring you will never have a bland meal. If I've had a long day I'll take a few thighs, season them up, throw them in the oven and come back 35-45 mins later and have an easy, flavor-packed dinner with almost no effort.


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