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No Cook Sushi Sandwich

Move over viral TikTok tortilla hack! We are making sushi sandwiches!! These nori-based wraps use the same folding technique that the TikTok tortilla hack used and barely take 5 minutes to put together! They are keto, low carb, low calorie, packed with fiber, protein, and fat! Make them for a healthy sushi alternative for a snack, lunch, or dinner! The real question is- what can't these be!

Okay, okay. I know I am somewhat late to the Viral Tiktok Tortilla hack, but hear me out! The only tortillas we ever have in our house are small taco-sized corn tortillas, which are pointless to make anything but tacos and quesadillas. Also, for the life of me, I cannot figure out why I bought a pack of 50(!!) sheets of nori- the sushi wrapping seaweed. Do you know how long it takes to go through 50 sheets of nori?! I will let you know when I finish eating the remaining 40 sheets of nori that are still in my pantry!



Ingredient Breakdown for No-Cook Sushi Sandwiches

  • Sushi Nori- Roasted Seaweed

    • These are actually pretty simple to find! I've been able to find them at most of my local grocery stores (except Trader Joe's)! Look for them in the Asian section of your local grocery store! Or you can order them on Amazon!

  • Cucumber

  • Smoked Salmon

  • Whipped Cream Cheese

    • Whipped is essential! It makes it lightweight and easy to spread.

  • Avocado

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