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Whipped Spinach and Feta Chicken with Blistered Cherry Tomatoes

I am going to be completely transparent- I am obsessed with the once-viral TikTok Pasta. You know, the one where you bake the feta cheese with the tomatoes, then mix it into a pasta sauce. As I've mentioned far too many times, my body doesn't tolerate wheat-based carbs very well. It was becoming a toxic, delicious, belly ache-inducing habit that we were cooking on an almost weekly basis. I knew it was time for me to cut my habit. But I couldn't imagine cutting out those flavors completely cold turkey. That is where this whipped spinach and feta chicken was born- all the same ingredients minus the pasta! This recipe is wildly easy, and even more delicious. It requires you to bake the chicken and tomatoes together, then in the last few minutes, top with the whipped feta (spinach added for a flavorless boost of vitamins)! This Whipped Spinach and Feta Chicken is keto, family-friendly, quick and easy, 4 ingredients, and insanely delicious!


Ingredient Breakdown for Whipped Spinach and Feta Chicken

  • Block of Feta Cheese

  • Spinach

  • Cherry tomatoes

  • Chicken Thighs

  • Oregano

  • Olive oil or other neutral oil like avocado oil

THAT'S IT! I told you it was that simple. Tools you will need:

  • a food processor or blender (I've only used a food processor for this recipe so cannot attest to how a blender works, I'd imagine you'd have to scrape down the sides quite a bit).


Tips for Recipe Success:

  • I used a small food processor (click here for the exact processor) I love this food processor and use it multiple times per week. It's a perfect size, has three blades, and doesn't take up a ton of space in our cabinets!

  • I have made this recipe a few times now and I've tried a couple of different methods. I've found that if you put the whipped feta on the chicken at the beginning of cooking, it turns out grainy and highly textured. Unlike the dreamy whipped and smooth topping that is straight out of the food processor, it tends to curdle if cooked too long. For that reason, I have found cooking the chicken and tomatoes on their own for about 20 minutes before putting on the topping helps the whipped feta maintain its creaminess but also allows it to warm through.

  • Use whatever cut of chicken you are comfortable with! My biggest approach to cooking is to use shortcuts when you can. I tend to favor chicken thighs because they're 1) cheap 2) very forgiving if you overcook them 3) have 80000x more flavor than chicken breasts 4) don't get dry and grainy



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