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One Pan Tuscan Chicken and Orzo | Quick and Easy | 30 minutes | Family Friendly

Can we all agree that dishes are the absolute worst (that and folding laundry)?! Who wouldn't love a one-pot dish that includes all of your fiber and protein needs without having to wash 800,000 dishes! This dish combines the Tuscan flavors of artichokes, sun-dried tomatoes, and spinach with the belly-filling combo of chicken thighs and orzo! This one-pot Tuscan Chicken and Orzo only takes 30 minutes, is a family favorite, and one you'll have over and over on your weeknight dinner rotation!


Ingredient Breakdown

  • Boneless, skinless chicken thighs

    • My FAVORITE ever protein to cook with. It is so versatile, flavorful, and honestly, VERY hard to mess up. It doesn't dry out or get as tough as chicken breasts do! You can overcook the heck out of it and you won't even notice! It's the perfect protein for the beginner cook!

  • Sun-dried tomatoes packed in oil

    • Sun-dried tomatoes pack in such a powerful punch of flavor. They're slightly sweet, acidic, fatty, and all-around just so delicious! For this recipe, I use sun-dried tomatoes that are packed in oil so you are able to spoon out the oil and sear the chicken with it! It's a tomato-infused way to add even more flavor!

  • Canned artichoke hearts

    • Does anyone else eat artichoke hearts straight from the can? Just me? Cool. Not only are artichokes the most delicious vegetable on the planet but they are filled with fiber and protein!

  • Spinach

    • I don't feel like I need to explain spinach to you. You know it's good for you and you probably don't eat enough of it.

  • Orzo

    • Orzo is a tiny, rice-like pasta that is often found in soups!

  • Chicken Broth or water. If you use water, make sure to add extra salt to flavor the orzo!

Pantry Items

  • Salt

  • Garlic Powder

  • Oregano


Tips for recipe success

  • Stir and scrape often! Since pasta- like orzo- is typically cooked in an excess amount of liquid and then drained, and this recipe does not require draining, I suggest stirring the cooking orzo often and making sure to scrape the bottom so it doesn't stick!

  • Chicken broth vs water. I use chicken broth in this recipe. It's one of my favorite pantry staples that adds so much more flavor to things that usually call for water. Like any recipe- you can adapt this to what you have (or don't have) on hand! If you use water, you may want to add a bit more salt to flavor the orzo. Otherwise, you may have bland orzo!

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