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Ahi Tuna Sushi Stacks- 20 minute, Five Ingredient Dinner

Ahi Tuna Sushi Stacks


Have you ever had a life-changing experience when it comes to food? For me, it was Chipotle and Sushi (separate events, obviously). Up until about my senior year in high school the only sushi I had access to was the disgusting pre-made grocery store sushi that was always dry and had you question everything in your life (and if you were going to get food poisoning). The first sushi restaurant opened up in our hometown changing me forever. Now I can barely go a few weeks without a good Philly roll.

But honestly, why is sushi SO EXPENSIVE!? Sushi is literally one of my favorite food groups. I could eat it for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. We have dabbled in creating our own sushi at home and we make a night of it. It's not too hard but it does take some time.

This recipe for Ahi Tuna Stacks is so simple to put together and basically only takes the amount of time that it takes to cook the rice. I got all of the ingredients at Trader Joe's! The ahi tuna is found in the freezer section.

The stack is created by layering everything inside of a bowl then flipping it upside down onto a plate! Hey, you do eat with your eyes first right? If you're too lazy just throw everything onto a plate.


Ingredient list:

Ahi Tuna (Freezer section at Trader Joes)




Furikake Seasoning (Trader Joes has this by the spices)



Coconut Aminos or Soy Sauce


Recipe Tips for success:

  • Thaw Ahi tuna if frozen and let come to room temp before cooking. This will ensure you will not have a cold center

  • This recipe requires searing the ahi tuna for one minute per side. Don't freak out! This is the only way we ever eat the Ahi filets and we have never gotten ill!

  • Slice AGAINST THE GRAIN! you will see the tuna has rings or lines going through it when cooked. The best way to keep the slices in tact is to slice against the grain or perpendicular to the lines. It will only fall apart if you cut with the grain

  • Any rice will do! I've tried this recipe with the frozen, microwaveable rice from TJ's and I've tried it with sushi rice! It all turns out great!

  • Feel free to play with the add ons! Cucumber and avocado is one of my favorite combos-- use what you have access to!

  • This recipe is great with shrimp instead of Ahi Tuna too!


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