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Mint Chip Smoothie!

March in Chicago means a lot of things. 1. The weather could be either 20 degrees or 65 degrees. 2. No matter the weather is, majority of people are wearing shorts 3. The most important thing is, St. Patrick's Day. St. Patrick's Day has always been a huge deal in the city. Parties, parades, and the river being turned green. Since the city is going be shut down for the second year, I figured I could provide some healthy fun ideas to help celebrate! Stay tuned for the other two recipes that will be coming soon!!

Below I have a recipe for a smoothie that can fill you up and keep you energized for your day of celebrating or really any day!

I know sometimes smoothies can be hard to make (maybe not hard but frustrating) so I will give you some tips!!

Smoothie Tips!

  • Make sure your blade is SHARP!! If you drink smoothies every day or a couple times a week, you should really get a new blade once or twice a year.

  • ONLY use frozen bananas- this way the smoothie will stay thick and colder longer.

  • Liquid is key- if you have too much, its not thick enough. If you have too little, it won't blend. I suggest starting with a forth of a cup and go from there. Every smoothie will be different just because not all fruit is the same size.

  • We will be using frozen avocados, I bought them frozen from the freezer section but you can also save money by freezing them yourself! Just make sure to completely freeze on a baking tray or plate first before placing in a bag.

The blender that I use for my smoothies is the Ninja Foodie smoothie bowl maker. I really like this blender because the cup that it comes with has a mechanism built in to push everything down to the blade. So it makes really thick smoothie bowls and smoothies!!



Above are the ingredients I used and the brands I use! These are just the brands I had on hand but feel free to use whatever brands you have! You can also make this nut free by using oat milk or soy milk!

The ingredient that I am highlighting this week is Cacao Nibs! This brand, Navitas, can be found at most grocery stores and amazon!

Why did I use Cacao Nibs instead of normal chocolate chips?

  1. Cacao nibs have ZERO grams of sugar

  2. They are vegan!

  3. They have a lot more fiber than the average dark or semi-sweet chocolate chips

  4. They have antioxidants

  5. They taste just like chocolate

I hope you enjoy using this new ingredient and enjoy trying this smoothie!

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Thanks for stopping by!


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