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A PB Christmas

I have been eating peanut butter since the womb and there is no surprise that I am sharing yet another recipe with peanut butter. PB blossoms have always been included in our Christmas baking every year. When I was younger, I used to get SO excited (I mean I still do) to roll the dough in the sprinkles and stick the Hersey Kisses in at the end. Throughout the years, I have become the one to make these and even took this tradition with me when I was working at Disney. I probably made three batches that December because living with 5 roommates at Disney means they would be gone in the blink of an eye (Just like when Remy in Ratatouille gave his friends food from the restaurant that he worked at). Just one of the many memories I will never forget. Do you have any fun Christmas traditions? We would love to hear about them!

This year I made them a little bit differently but you would never be able to tell the difference! I removed the eggs and butter and these can easily be made vegan and gluten free! Even my dad approved of these cookies and he does not like peanut butter. I hope you enjoy! :)


The sprinkles and chocolate I used:

What the dough should look like:

How spaced the dough should be on the tray:

How they looked after baked:

How they looked after chocolate was added!


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