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Chocolate Protein Cookies | Gluten Free | Dairy Free | Simple Ingredients

Happy Mid July everyone- so wild to say that. Time sure does speed by when you are having fun!! But so much summer fun left to have! :) As I mentioned in my last post, I did move recently and summer has gone from 0 to 100. Being stuck at home for a year and then all of a sudden being able to socialize has been quite the event and sometimes the hours just fly by... But took some time to reorganize and have these cookies for you all.

What else is new... since being out and about, I have not been able to consume a lot of tv content. I have been keeping up with RHWOBH, love island and other reality shows. However, I did read It Ends With Us by Colleen Hoover and it was such a good book. 100/10 recommend. Seriously made me cry.

Anyways- below is the recipe for these chewy chocolate protein cookies that will keep you full and won't make you feel guilty! Perfect dessert for those nights when you want something sweet and you don't want to feel guilty. Fun fact, my favorite dessert to make are cookies. I just think they are the easiest and so quick to make and only need to bake for 8-10 minutes haha. Also there are so many different kinds of cookies that you can make... the combinations are endless. Trying to stay on my healthy train so today I am sharing chocolate protein cookies! Scroll down for the recipe below!


Highlights on some of the main Ingredients:

  • Chocolate Protein Powder- I used the Orgain brand- I use this brand because it is vegan and made from plant protein!

  • Almond Butter- Yes, there are two types of nuts in these- so be warned! I used salted almond butter but if you use regular, be sure to add a little bit of salt to the batter

  • Oat Flour- I have been really into using oat flour lately. If you want to make something gluten free- it just tastes WAY better than a flour mix. But I would not recommend for cakes, cupcakes, or muffins. I just buy a container of old fashioned oats and blend them up in the blender until it becomes flour consistency.

  • Coconut Sugar- it is an easy 1:1 alternative to granulated sugar. It has a lower glycemic index which means it will not impact your blood sugar as much as granulated sugar would. It also has some added nutrition to it and not just empty calories as sugar does.

  • Dairy Free Chocolate Chips- There are a lot of options for these in the stores today, but a pro-tip that my sister told me was the Trader Joe's semi sweet chocolate chips do not have any dairy in them! (and they are way cheaper than other dairy free brands)



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