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I’m addicted to candy.

October, the month of tricks and treats. My favorite thing about October is seeing all the houses decorated for Halloween. My other favorite thing about October, you may ask? THE CANDY. Sometimes it is so hard to resist the Halloween candy isle when going to the store, but maybe I can help combat that issue by offering my DAIRY-FREE Pumpkin Almond Butter cups. My favorite candy is Reese’s peanut butter cups (specifically the pumpkin or egg shape). I decided I needed to make a healthier version so I can indulge this Halloween.

Some tips for success for this recipe:

  • The almond butter should only have 1 ingredient in it: almonds. My favorite one is from Trader Joe’s (affordable and delicious).

  • If you want the chocolate to be sweeter, add more agave.

  • I like to use unrefined coconut oil while baking.

  • The chocolate will harden faster if the pumpkin/almond filling is chilled first. This step is optional.

  • I used a 12 cup cupcake sheet and lined it with paper cups.

  • Below is a picture of the piping bag I used! I just cut the tip off and I was good to start piping. I tied one end off with a rubber band and you can do the same with a sandwich bag.



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