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Creamy Hummus Pasta Salad | Dairy Free | 10 minutes | 5 ingredients | Vegan

It's starting to feel like summer time baby!!! You know what that means! ALL THE VARIETY OF SALADS! Yikes, that may have been a bit aggressive... but, summer = longer days = more sunlight = less time I want to spend in the kitchen. This wildly easy, filling cold pasta salad is the easiest pasta salad you will ever make. It doesn't require any fancy pasta salad dressings. She is giving you vegan, vegetarian, dairy-free queen, choose your own adventure- hummus edition. Hey, you can even make this into a macaroni salad if you want (more pockets of hummus goodness). And if you ever find yourself in the kitchen thinking what to eat with this hummus I bought? Make it a meal (fries and drink not included)


Ingredient Breakdown for Creamy Hummus Pasta Salad

Don't blink, you might miss all the ingredients! (Hint: There's only 5 ingredients and this recipe will take you no time at all!)

  • Rotini Pasta- spirals baby!

    • I opted for a whole grain pasta to get in some extra fiber and protein.

  • Hummus

    • This is where you can have a choose your own adventure moment. Want to use roasted garlic hummus? Do it. roasted red pepper hummus? Even better. jalapeno? Spice up your life. You're the boss applesauce. I used a classic, non flavored hummus for this recipe!

  • Cucumber

  • Cherry Tomato

  • Lemon Juice


Dairy Free but oh so creamy?! Hummus.

The ingredients in hummus are usually clean and simple: chickpeas, tahini (sesame butter), water, oil, lemon juice, sea salt, vinegar, and garlic. No fuss, no weird ingredients, just well blended chickpeas with added flavor! The chickpeas, being in the bean family, add extra fiber, nutrition, and protein!

Hummus is jam packed with flavor and can be eaten with a variety of veggies, chips, and crackers! Why not add it to a pasta salad and let it do all the hard work for you?!


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